Why We Cannot Lose the Fight…

If you are short on time, consider passing this along to an acquaintance, or at least ‘Like’ or ‘Tweet’ this for the cause

The so-called right wing party — which once upon a time was populated with fair minded “Eisenhower Republicans” — has sunken to the depths of a cult of mean-spirited, selfish, uncaring plutocrats that subscribe to the doctrine of social Darwinism, which adheres to the “survival of the fittest” excuse to justify the “everyone for themselves” ploy, and therefore allowing the demise of everyone else…

Succinctly, since the 1980’s the wrong wingers have been on a reverse Robin Hood Robber Barron pillaging of the middle class and the poor, resulting in the worst disparity in financial equality ever, even worse than before the great depression.

And as the wrong wingers have increased their stranglehold on the country, they now more openly divulge their plan of crippling austerity while continuing the funneling upwards of the wealth of the nation to the already wealthy elite, which is to include themselves of course.

The wrong winger plan to mindlessly shackle the masses into financial deprivation will destroy the economic power of the financial engine that has in the past proven to drive a thriving economy.

We all must band together to stop their devious, shameless plans. This is the intent of our website, that it is imperative that the hard-core, ultra-conservative radical contingent of the Republican party must be voted out of elected office.

Our basic strategy is to inform the uninformed and misinformed, and to encourage getting the word out to everyone you know and encounter.

Our initial effort on this site is to produce a weekly collection of relevant articles which expose the most egregious wrongdoings of the wrong wingers.

Note that this weekly summary serves as “cannon fodder” to be used as a knowledge base for to fire at the wrong wingers in an effort to wise up our uninformed and misinformed compatriots.

We have other plans to expand our efforts, but for now we will simply post our first weekly roundup of cannon fodder for your perusal. If you don’t have adequate time to delve into all the information, consider passing this along to an acquaintance, or at least ‘Like’ or ‘Tweet’ this or pass it along somehow

Lastly for now, realize and remember that this is not just about the presidential election. It is also about the dysfunctional, obstructionist, do-no-good congress, the crippled senate, the tea party paralyzed governors and legislatures, as well as the (already conservative-overloaded) supreme court justices that will be appointed by the next administration…

If you have any questions, suggestions, requests, or proposals, you may either send us an email at jeb@saveusnow.org or leave a comment at the bottom of this webpage.



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