Are white blue-collar Americans brain dead? Most seem blind to the train headed down the rails they are laying on…

The USA Today editorial piece for September 7th touched on how white, blue-collar voters favor Romney over Obama by a wide margin.

Never mind the racists in that segment of the populace, never mind those with socially conservative views on abortion, gay marriage, and gun control. We get that.

But what about the Romney/Ryan/Republican social Darwinism that calls for giving all the breaks to the 1% and increasing the financial burden on 99%.

What about the openly stated return to the policies of the Bush administration which trashed a thriving economy, funneled massive wealth up to the wealthy increasing inequality, threw the economy into a recession, sent millions of white blue-collar workers into unemployment and foreclosure, and turned the surplus economy into a 16 trillion dollar deficit by concocting two wars and not paying for them and rather giving egregious tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans…

But the new Republican plan is not just a return to above-noted dangerous policies.

No, to all of that, add the new proven-wrong “austerity” measures (proven again most recently to not work in Europe) to give even more record low tax cuts to the rich, increase taxes on the white blue-collar middle class, and do away with medicare and social security, while continuing the tea party massacre of trashing public workers — most of which are white blue-collar middle class workers — and thereby also reducing services and safety for the white blue-collar middle class

Never mind the fact that white blue-collar Americans have been pumelled into the worst financial inequality in the history of the country by mindless reverse-Robin-Hood Republican Robber-Barron policies — worse even than that just before the Great Depression which was triggered by said inequality — nor the fact that the new reverse-Robin-Hood Republican Robber-Barron policies are even more shamelessly rapacious than that of the Bush administration on white blue-collar Americans

It’s simple, it’s blatantly obvious, it can’t be any clearer:

  • Republicans — Romney and especially Ryan — are the plutocratic puppets of corporations and the wealthy elite and are now hell bent on implementing “you are on your own” policies that sacrifice the well being and livelyhood of white blue-collar Americans.

  • Democrats, Progressives, and most Independents are for policies beneficial to white blue-collar Americans with their “we are all in this together” philosophy.

  • Republicans are for the dirty energy industries, for giving away billions of taxpayer dollars in so-called “subsidies” to already profitable dirty energy industries, and openly admit their intent to block clean energy projects, all of which is detrimental to white blue-collar Americans.

  • In 2010, Republicans shamelessly announced their obstructionist intent to block any and all legislation that would be favorable for the president — even blocking a jobs bill that would have created over a million jobs in just the last year — and thereby be detrimental to white blue-collar Americans.

  • Republicans have openly stated they are for trashing decades-old regulations on financial, clean air, clean water, and pollution standards — benefitting only their sugar daddy corporations — thereby sacrificing the health and well being of white blue-collar Americans.

  • Republicans want to take science out of education, replace it with creationism, and generally choke higher education to death, not a good thing for white blue-collar Americans.

  • Republicans want outsource and offshore jobs and force white blue-collar Americans into low paying jobs and even have admitted their desire to eliminate the minimum wage.

  • Republicans bow down to their dirty energy industry overlords in denying that the dirty energy industry greenhouse gas emissions cause global warming and climate change, with some of the most maniacal of them going against the overhwhelming consensus of scientists and daring to mislabel it as a hoax. This one failing of Republicans will overshadow all the others combined, and make the future of white blue-collar Americans increasingly more and more dangerous…

Granted, there is unfortunately far too much more to the Republican plans to pillage and pummel white blue-collar Americans, but we do not have the time to write a book here on this one point.

And the above-noted points are adequate to clearly outline why white blue-collar Americans that vote for Republicans are voting against their own well being and prosperity, and they are even voting against their own right to continue living…

There is an old saying that sums it up pretty well: “Cutting off your nose to spite your face”…

Below is the leadin to the USA Today article — which of course downplays the issue for their corporate paymasters — followed by a link to the full article, not that it is worth reading. We mostly provide the link to prove we did not make this up…

So, as a counter measure, we first provide the following excerpt and link to a dated article which backs up our portrayal of the white blue-collar middle class that votes Republican as plainly suicidal.

Thomas Edsall’s brilliant piece this morning provides one of the best syntheses of the cynical and cruel bets that the Bircherized GOP is making this election – that White Middle & working class voters are very ripe for the ultimate coup of giving up the Social Safety net and willfully committing economic suicide.

Link to article of above excerpt: Ryan Choice = Brazenly Hoodwinking White Middle Class.

And lastly here is the USA Today newsiness stuff.

USA Today September 7th Editorial: Obama vs. white, blue-collar voters…

One of the most startling facts of contemporary politics is that so many white, working-class voters find Democrats unappealing. The party that brought about Social Security and the GI Bill, and is unabashedly pro-union, fails in wooing the lunch-bucket crowd.

The last Democrat to win a majority of white voters was Lyndon Johnson in 1964. President Obama is trailing Republican challenger Mitt Romney by double digits among whites, and by an astounding 22 points among whites without a college degree.

So what gives? Part of the explanation is in the socially conservative views that many of these voters have on issues such as abortion, gay marriage and gun control. And a small, but hard to measure, part in this election is lingering racist attitudes toward the first black president.

Link to USA Today September 7th Editorial: Obama vs. white, blue-collar voters.

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